Wie funtzt ASUS "MyLogo" ???????

Diskutiere Wie funtzt ASUS "MyLogo" ??????? im ASUS Motherboard, Mainboard Forum im Bereich Motherboard, Mainboard; Hi @Yeti glaube nicht das es bei dem Board schon geht ,hasste mal nach gesehen?! MfG Th_Hasti...

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  1. Wie funtzt ASUS "MyLogo" ??????? #9
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    Hi @Yeti glaube nicht das es bei dem Board schon geht ,hasste mal nach gesehen?!


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  3. Wie funtzt ASUS "MyLogo" ??????? #10
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    "Personalized Boot Logo"

    ASUS P4B series motherboard comes with an exciting feature to help you customize your
    new personal computer: LOGO.EXE.  This DOS software helps you create a selection of
    colorful, personalized boot-up screens.   ASUS supplies you with the executable
    software, LOGO.EXE, along with a sample image library of boot screens in bitmap
    (BMP) format.

    NOTE: It is advisable to back-up your system BIOS to a bootable floppy disk before
    using LOGO to modify your boot screen: (See section 4.1, Managing and Updating Your

    1.  To set-up a new Personalized Boot Logo, browse the Support CD and install three
       components to the root or windows directory: LOGO.EXE; AFLASH.EXE; one or more
       BMP files in 640 x 480 pixel, 16-color format.

    2.  Then go to the Shut Down Menu and select: "Restart in DOS Mode."  From DOS, run

    3.  In AFLASH, select [1] and save the existing system BIOS file with a new name,
       for example: CSCB1016.AWD.  
       Exit AFLASH to DOS.

    4.  To  set-up a new boot-up screen, run LOGO from DOS. Both the BIOS file name and
       the BMP file name must follow in the command line:


    5. &nbsp;Press <enter> to save the image with the BIOS file.

    6. &nbsp;Run AFLASH again. &nbsp;Select [2] and flash the updated BIOS file, in this case,
    &nbsp; &nbsp;CSCB1016.AWD, to the ROM.

    7. &nbsp;Reboot your computer: press <ctl><alt><del>. &nbsp;The new boot-up screen that you
    &nbsp; &nbsp;selected will now appear.

    8. &nbsp;If you wish to select a new BMP file, rerun the process beginning at Step # 4
    &nbsp; &nbsp;above. &nbsp;BMP files must be in the same directory as LOGO.EXE.

    Of course, you may wish to create an original boot-up image. &nbsp;Use your favorite photo
    editor to save an image as a 640 x 480 pixel, 16-color BMP file. &nbsp;Choose a file name
    for the image with eight digits and characters recognizable in the DOS environment.


    A. List of Picture files included on the Support CD follows:
    Bottle.bmp &nbsp; Cartoon2.bmp &nbsp; China1.bmp &nbsp; Interior1.bmp &nbsp; Interior2.bmp
    Leaf1.bmp &nbsp; Leafred.bmp &nbsp; Logo.bmp &nbsp; Rough1.bmp &nbsp; Rough2.bmp &nbsp; Rough3.bmp
    Scape1.bmp &nbsp; Scen1.bmp &nbsp; Sea2.bmp &nbsp; Season1.bmp &nbsp; Season2.bmp &nbsp;Sodo.bmp
    Sketch1.bmp &nbsp; Wallpaper.bmp &nbsp; Water1.bmp &nbsp; Water2.bmp &nbsp; Water3.bmp

    B. &nbsp;LOGO.EXE syntax:

    LOGO.EXE REV. 1.01 2000/JUN/22
    Copyright &copy; ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC. 2000. All rights reserved.
    &nbsp;Add Personalized LOGO Bitmap to System BIOS EXAMPLES:
    &nbsp;C:&#092;logo BiosFile *.bmp
    &nbsp;C:&#092;logo BiosFile *.bmp
    &nbsp;Then use aflash utility to update the BiosFile into the system.

Wie funtzt ASUS "MyLogo" ???????

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