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    Please Help,
    My system:
    System hardware: MB 8HKA+, AMD 1600XP, Crucial 256 x 2 DDR C2100, WD 40gig HD 7200, Readeon 64mg DDR AGP vivo, Case Antec SX 636 (PS is 352w), Creative DVD 16X, CD-ROM 56X, FD, Mouse & Keyboard. os win2K
    When I turn on the system the following is seen: The CPU 133 x 10.5, Memory: 512
    The drives are set to: Primary Master: WD
    Primary Slave: E-IDE CD-ROM
    Secondary Master: Creative DVD-ROM
    First problem is that the FD is not being recognized? *I checked the cable and the power all are fine. *The FD is new.
    Second problem: The system will not boot from ether the CD??? Both drives are recognized and light up.
    I went into the bios (11/02/2001) and set the safe defaults. I set the bios to boot from CD, but nothing happens. *The final postcode is FF
    English Please

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  3. Michael #2
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    Mein System
    Frank's Computer Details
    Intel Core2 Quad Q9550
    ASUS P5E WS Professional
    2x 4096MB-KIT Corsair Dominator P8500, CL5
    500GB Western Digital WDC WD5001ABYS-01YNA0 (S-ATA)
    2x Sapphire HD 3870 512 MB @ CrossFire
    8 Kanal Onboard
    20" Eizo FlexScan S2031W - schwarz - EasyUp Standfu�
    Lian Li PC-B25B
    Zalman ZM750-HP - 750 Watt
    Windows Vista Ultimate 64bit
    DVD-Brenner LG GSA-H62N / LiteOn DVD SOHD 16P9S


    Hello Michael,

    detect the Bios your CD ROM Drives
    The Jumper Settings are correct ??
    What is with the LED from your FD, does this light up constantly or not?

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    If the LED of your FD lights up constantly you might have to turn the plug or possibly the whole cable.  Perhaps your FD has the driveletter B, so you have to type "B:" in your DOS prompt to have access to the FD.
    Are you sure that your CD is bootable? Did you try another one?


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    Hi Micheal1.
    Try this, set your CD ROM to secondary master and your DVD to secondary slave so that your HDD is Primary Master. Stand alone on your first Controller )
    Don´t forget to jumper all devices new !!! Then go in to the BIOS and set it to Boot from CD at first place. The way you got everything hooked up right now is not the right way because your slowing down your HDD with your CD Rom hooked up as secondary slave. I hope it´ll help !!
    Bye for now from Carl

  6. Michael #5
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    Thanks for the replies. *The light on the FD does not light up at all. *As for the CD setup I will set them up tue. and get back to the group with the results.
    Thanks again for the input.

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    Frank, I set the FH in the bios as suggested and it worked.
    XVS1200, I removed the CD and left the DVD as Primary Master. The win2K Pro. CD did not auto run so I used the floppy setup disks to do the install.

    My 40gig HD I partitioned into 6gig and the 32gig of non partitioned space. I would like to load linux later.

    I loaded the Readeon video drivers from the video card and used the easy install option.  When I played a DVD after about 20min. it just restarted from the begining?

    I just loaded the sound drives from the EPox driver disk.  I could use some recommendations on a good but inexpensive sound card.

    Thanks for all the on going help.


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