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Diskutiere Neue Version von ATiTool im News von Migliedern für Mitglieder Forum im Bereich Hardware, IT-News; AtiTool ist nun in der Version 0.0.22 erschienen. Das Overclocking-Programm wurde für 64-bit bereit gemacht und einige Bugs gefixed. Hier der Download....

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    AtiTool ist nun in der Version 0.0.22 erschienen. Das Overclocking-Programm wurde für 64-bit bereit gemacht und einige Bugs gefixed. Hier der Download.

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    Mein System
    Tufix's Computer Details
    X2 3800+ | XP-90 C
    DFI nF4 Ultra-D
    Speedliner 2 GB
    Hitachi T7K250 SATA II
    Sapphire X800 GTO²
    EIZO FlexScan F77S
    Thermaltake XaserII
    Seasonic S12-600
    WIN-XP Pro


    ich werd die neue version mal antesten..
    is ja ne dicke fixliste
    Changes in this version: Full Changelog

    * Fixes to card detection on some ATI chipsets
    * Fixed "When setting the speed in the log the selected speed is shown not the actual speed it is set to." (#38)
    * Added infobox about possible problems when FRAPS is running
    * Removed fan control tab for 9600.
    * Some fixes to "try to keep gpu temp at". It will only work while ATITool is running. If you close ATITool fan speeds are set to ATI's defaults
    * Fixed temp. reading error which showed 20° on 9800s with high load sometimes
    * Disabled creation of file C:\Atitool detection log.txt
    * Fixed excessive log entries generated during Find Max (#29)
    * Fixed 3D detection for XP SP2 + AMD64 (#25)
    * Forced 3D detection on for all executables starting with "bf_vietnam" (Battlefield: Vietname) until a proper fix is found
    * Forced 3D detection on for all executables starting with "nwmain" (Neverwinter Nights) until a proper fix is found
    * Fixed rounding error in fan speed settings (#16)
    * Fixed rounding error in font size display in temp. settings (#23)
    * Added current fan speed display to fan speed settings (#22)
    * Memory timings editor is active now - values are not permanent and are reset at reboot. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.
    * Gamma settings are reapplied when display mode is changed (#14)
    * Gamma settings panel shows numbers (#14)
    * Added fan control option "Try to keep GPU temp. at xx°C" - this option is only available if temp. monitoring is enabled
    * Added mini stats to temp. monitoring settings page
    * Several speed optimized artifact detection code
    * Dump bios button disabled on 9200 until a fix is found
    * Replace temp. remote / local by "GPU" / "GPU environment"
    * Fixed cosmetic bug in temp. settings panel (#15)
    * Fixed bug with log file max. size .. the value was interpreted as Bytes (#13)
    * Added include list for 3D detection
    * No "scan running" message to log file right after start
    * Fixed crash in 3D detection for 3dmark2001 and probably other apps
    * Gamma hotkeys are disabled when gamma control is disabled
    * Lots of fixes based on the great feedback after the 0.0.21 release, critical fixes are already incorporated into the 0.0.21 download
    * Added option to scanning settings: "disable screensaver while scanning"
    * Fixed ATI fan control. for some reason ATI defaults result in fan speeds > 100% to be programmed. This means that any fan speed >75% is actually 100% (can't run the fan faster than 100%). ATITool fixes this by setting the right register on the temp. chip.
    * Moved fan speed registry key so its not lost every time you reinstall ATITool

Neue Version von ATiTool

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