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Diskutiere Eminem and Crew im Off - Topic Forum im Bereich Ausserhalb der Computerwelt; Wir hatten die Aufgabe eine English Story zu schreiben. Ein Freund hat dies geschrieben mit Textstellen aus verschiedenen Liedern. Aber lest selbst. We had to ...

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    Wir hatten die Aufgabe eine English Story zu schreiben. Ein Freund hat dies geschrieben mit Textstellen aus verschiedenen Liedern. Aber lest selbst.

    We had to write a story about two pictures.
    1. A man and a woman will marry in a few seconds.
    2. Picture one is broken in a necklace (Halskette)

    Mr. X and Mrs. Y
    Love each other so much, that they decided to marry the following day, a sunny Sunday in may, they chose. All preparations are going on.
    Mr. X is an important underground rapper in N.Y.C.
    During a rap battle, in the bottom of the Bronx, he met her and fell in love with her.
    But it doesn’t matter now, because now is the marriage on stage.

    Sunday, clans, friends and relatives of X. and Y., all have arrived in the York Cathedral 32nd Avenue, 5th Street.
    Fat Joe and Master P. are sitting in the first row, for each of them two seats are necessary.
    Slowly the church is filling.
    11 a.m., the bells are ringing, Y. is walking straight on the red carpet towards X.
    who is waiting for his pretty bunny in front of the altar.
    Her palms are sweaty, the feet are heavy, she is nervous but
    look calm and ready, she seems on forgetting what she wrote down,
    down in her mind.
    “Open your mouth, the words could come out “. X. said. “Now Y., back to reality, don’t dream.
    Look if you had one chance and one opportunity, it’s everything you ever wanted, only in one moment, would you capture it?”
    “Just let it out!”
    With millions of tears in her eyes: “Yes I want!”

    “Ooohhhwee” said Master P. and Fat Joe “That’s love”.

    Later, very later.

    Now, what ever, since our marriage, hours, days, months and years have gone.
    We loved us each other so often, I couldn’t count that but it’s all insane mine membrane.Exactly 2 years, 2 months and 2 days, a good date to say good-bye to her,
    again a Sunday, good to leave, like god.
    I walked towards her, “Y., would you please stand up! I want to talk with you”.
    Ooh!, up in here, up in there”.
    X.: “You were my sun, you were my earth, you don’t know on which ways I loved you”. “I know you had a night with D.R.E., would you explain it to me!”

    “See, the difference of me and you is, when I’m doing I do, I do doing what I do but I’m doing it like I’m doing for me”
    “I fell your love is falling away from me”My two important things are ****ing and fishing, D.R.E. and me have decided for the first one.
    “I’m sorry rabbit
    I never wanted to hurt you
    I never wanted make you sad tonight”

    “You can cry me a river but you have to clean out your closet”, “Baby don’t cry”.I can’t believe I still receive, too much affection from your side if you could give me one more chance, you are the strongest emotion.You will ride here away!!”Which shit happened to you rabbit, you have always known that I’m wild,
    you are so –
    I am what would you say I am?
    If I was it I would say I am.
    Like the paper the news
    I’m every day I am.
    I don’t know
    It’s just the way I am.

    To X.: “I know nobody will play your jam, it’s only bullshit!”
    “Piss off, nobody listen to ya disgusting techno!”

    I’m the real, you will remember me!”

    Fat Joe
    Master P.
    Cypress Hill
    2 Pac

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Eminem and Crew

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